Haylou RS3 Smart Watch won the Gold Award of IAI Global Design Award and received more than 10,000 people's support from crowdfunding online in Taiwan, China.

The company's fully automated production line came into use, achieving a daily production capacity of 250,000 units.

About Haylou



Haylou adheres strongly to the brand mission of "creating health value for young people around the world" and strives to provide young people with novel, trendy, technological and interesting smart products.



As a cutting-edge in smart wearable field, Haylou always sticks to the principle of business driven by technology. Currently, it has formed a four-dimensional business model of R & D, production, sales and supply chain, providing complete product solution from zero to one.


Haylou has become a globally well-known independent brand and ODM solution provider, and its products have been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions in the world.